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Computational Tools for Social Science SPE 489


Class 1 (Sept 2, 2021) Script: Intro to R

Class 2 (Sept 9, 2021) Script A: Packages, Reading and Writing Data, Intro to dplyr

Class 2 (Sept 9, 2021) Script B: R Markdown Tutorial

Class 3 (Sept 16, 2021) Script: dplyr

Class 4 (Sept 23, 2021) Script: dplyr cont

Class 6 (Sept 23, 2021) Script: dplyr continued cont

Class 7 (Oct 14, 2021) Script: factors, string manipulation, joining data


Teaching Experience: Instructor

Graduate Bootcamp in R Statistical Programming (2016-2019)

PS6: Intro to Data Analysis (Summer 2018)

Cluster 60A: Intro to Data Analysis — Public Opinion in the 1960s (Spring 2019)

Teaching Experience: Teaching Assistant

Political Communications, UCLA (Fall 2018; Winter 2018)

American Politics, UW (Fall 2014; Winter 2014; Spring 2015)


Experimental Methods Resources

Creating Realistic Stimuli with Chrome Developer Tools


Historic Shapefile Boundaries (state, county, congressional district, and zip code) 1629 - 2000

Bridging Census Tracts Over time

MRP Guides and Software

Guide by Rob Williams

Guide by Jonathan Kastellec (w/data)

AAPOR Presentation by Doug Rivers

MRP With rstanarm by Lauren Kennedy and Johan Gabry

MRP using brms and tidybayes by Tim Mastny

Target Estimation and Adjustment Weighting for Survey Nonresponse and Sampling Bias by Caughey et al 2019

Measuring Attitudes – Multilevel Modeling with Post-Stratification book chapter by Leeman and Wasserfallen // Code Guide to Accompany Leeman and Wasserfallen Chapter

An Introduction to Multilevel Regression and Post-Stratification for Estimating Constituency Opinion // Replication Data

DGO R Package

Method behind DGO R Package